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Fireside Memories | Book Lovers Coconut Soy Candle & Waxmelt

Fireside Memories | Book Lovers Coconut Soy Candle & Waxmelt

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🔥 Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of "Fireside Memories," where the crackling campfire and captivating stories blend into one. Our candle captures the essence of cozy nights under the stars, with a label depicting a girl reading by the flickering flames. The scent profile of this candle has the perfect combination if scents that evokes the comforting aroma of a campfire in the woods.

✨ Scent Profile ✨

- Cinnamon: A warming introduction, reminiscent of the comforting spice that fills the air by a fireside.

- Cedar Bark: An earthy interlude, capturing the subtle and grounding aroma of cedar logs crackling in the fire.

- Nutmeg: A spicy burst, echoing the rich and aromatic notes that complement the cozy ambiance.

- Spruce: A fresh conclusion, adding a touch of forest charm to the fireside experience.


🕯️ Product Details 🕯️

- Size: 226g / 8oz • or • 60g / 2.1oz

- Burn Time: Approximately 50-60 hours of soothing, aromatic ambiance.

- Candle Container: Presented in a charming glass jar, perfect for reuse.

- Wax Melt: Plastic clamshell package with 6 cubes


Relive the magic of campfire tales and cherished moments with this captivating candle. Order yours today and let "Fireside Memories" light up your space with warmth and nostalgia.

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