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Flowers Of The Land | Fantasy Bookish Coconut Soy Candle & Waxmelt

Flowers Of The Land | Fantasy Bookish Coconut Soy Candle & Waxmelt

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🌷 "Flowers Of The Land" Candle - Inspired by The Folk Of The Air Series 🍃

Embark on a magical journey to Elfhame with our "Flowers Of The Land" candle, a fragrant tribute to the enchanting world of The Folk Of The Air. Let the scents of faerie realms and royal intrigue fill your space.


✨ Scent Profile ✨

• Dewy Greens: A fresh introduction, reminiscent of the morning dew on enchanted meadows.

• Water Lily: A delicate burst, capturing the ethereal beauty of water lilies blooming in faerie ponds.

• Lilac Petals: An enchanting interlude, echoing the sweet and delicate fragrance of lilac in faerie gardens.

• Tulip: A floral conclusion, adding depth with the captivating aroma of tulip blossoms.

🕯️ Product Details 🕯️

- Size: 226g / 8oz • or • 60g / 2.1oz

- Burn Time: Approximately 50-60 hours of soothing, aromatic ambiance.

- Candle Container: Presented in a charming glass jar, perfect for reuse.

- Wax Melt: Plastic clamshell package with 6 cubes


🌟 Step into Elfhame🌟

Light "Flowers Of The Land" to immerse yourself in the splendors of Elfhame. Allow the fragrance to transport you to the court of Cardan and Jude, where faerie intrigue and romance await. Experience faerie magic, unlock the magic of "Flowers Of The Land" and create your own fae-inspired haven. Limited stock available, so order now and let the enchantment of Elfhame grace your home

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