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Old Books | Book Lovers Coconut Soy Candle & Waxmelt

Old Books | Book Lovers Coconut Soy Candle & Waxmelt

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Old Books Candle For Book Lovers, Candles For Bookish Nerds, Old Books With A Twist

 🕯️ Explore the enchanting world of literature with our Old Books Candle, tailor-made for book lovers and bookish nerds alike. 📚



✨ Scent Profile ✨

- Tobacco Leaf: An aromatic introduction, reminiscent of the sophisticated notes found in vintage libraries.

- Leather: A rich interlude, capturing the essence of well-loved leather-bound volumes.

- Toasted Oak: A warm and woody undertone, echoing the subtle aroma of antique bookshelves.

- Spices: A nuanced conclusion, infusing the air with a hint of the exotic, adding depth to the olfactory experience.


🕯️ Product Details 🕯️

- Size: 226g / 8oz • or • 60g / 2.1oz

- Burn Time: Approximately 50-60 hours of soothing, aromatic ambiance.

- Candle Container: Presented in a charming glass jar, perfect for reuse.

- Wax Melt: Plastic clamshell package with 6 cubes


Immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance it creates as the flame dances and releases the nostalgic fragrance of well-worn tomes. Whether you're engrossed in a novel or simply craving the comforting scent of literary treasures, our Old Books Candle will set the perfect atmosphere. Indulge in the scent of old books, reinvented. Light up your reading nook, office, or any space where you seek literary inspiration with our Old Books Candle.

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