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Parkside Autumn Stories | Bookish Candle & Waxmelt

Parkside Autumn Stories | Bookish Candle & Waxmelt

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 "Parkside Autumn Stories" invites you to stroll through a picturesque park on a crisp autumn day, where every breeze carries the tales of the season. This captivating candle weaves together a tapestry of scents that paint the perfect autumn story.


✨ Scent Profile ✨

- Lime Zest: A lively introduction, bringing a burst of freshness reminiscent of crisp autumn air.

- Boysenberry: Delightfully tangy, like the vibrant colors of autumn leaves.

- Lavender Rosemary: A calming interlude, echoing the tranquility of an autumn afternoon.

- Sage: Grounding and earthy, capturing the essence of fallen leaves underfoot.

- Sandalwood: Evoking the warmth of a crackling autumn fire, creating a comforting ambiance.

- Caramel: A sweet finale, wrapping you in the cozy sweetness of autumn tales.


🕯️ Product Details 🕯️

- Size: 226g / 8oz • or • 60g / 2.1oz

- Burn Time: Approximately 50-60 hours of soothing, aromatic ambiance.

- Candle Container: Presented in a charming glass jar, perfect for reuse.

- Wax Melt: Plastic clamshell package with 6 cubes

🍂 Whether you're seeking to infuse your living space with the warmth of autumn or creating a cozy ambiance for your reading nook, "Parkside Autumn Stories" sets the scene for unforgettable moments.

Discover the magic of fall through scent. Order your "Parkside Autumn Stories" candle today and let the fragrant tales of lime zest, boysenberry, and more transport you to the heart of a parkside autumn. 📖🍂

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