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Wendy | Fiction Bookish Coconut Soy Candle & Waxmelt

Wendy | Fiction Bookish Coconut Soy Candle & Waxmelt

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Introducing "Wendy" – Indulge in the delightful blend of White Chocolate, Peppermint, and Whipped Cream with this exquisite handmade candle. Crafted from eco-friendly coconut soy wax, the soothing crackle of its wooden wick complements the 226g / 8oz of pure aromatic pleasure. Wendy is a perfect companion for book lovers and the bookish community, transforming your space into a cozy haven with its enchanting fragrance.


✨ Scent Profile ✨

• White Chocolate: Smooth and intriguing, like the layers of a thrilling plot.

• Peppermint: A burst of suspense, reminiscent of unexpected twists.

• Whipped Cream: Soft and comforting, as if you’re wrapped in the pages of a gripping story.


🕯️ Product Details 🕯️

- Size: 226g / 8oz • or • 60g / 2.1oz

- Burn Time: Approximately 50-60 hours of soothing, aromatic ambiance.

- Candle Container: Presented in a charming glass jar, perfect for reuse.

- Wax Melt: Plastic clamshell package with 6 cubes

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